A Poem about …Piercings?

Clara Zoellner
1 min readMay 20, 2022

I once had a nightmare.

I pierced both my ears
Along their edges
A million times
Until they were more holes
Than flesh that listens
And I woke up in cold sweat
Disgusted by the image
That my ears could hold any more
Than two golden rings.

Now I’m sitting here calmly
Ready to modify my body
And agree with the position
1 minute later a new acquisition
Willingly embarking on a journey of pain
Whilst admiring my ear’s golden gain

Something I feared I now desire

C’mon poke it, poke it, just a little higher
Feed the addiction so I can acquire
More of the precious, golden wire
Something I feared I now desire

A nightmare is something you fear
I can still feel the frightful atmosphere
But I go completely against my brain
and willingly embrace the pain

Something I feared I now desire
I woke up in cold sweats — dreaming of your face



Clara Zoellner

3rd culture kid currently exploring the wonders of the UK